Why Blog?

Hi!  My name is Brynn (rhymes with fin).  I am wife to Scott and mother to my son, Ryan, and my wonderfully perfect dog named Shelby (except for her third eye - but we'll get to that some other time).  I am a mother who frequently finds myself asking my son to "use his words," rather than whining, stomping around, or shunning another child because they have destroyed his latest Lego creation.  Funny part is, I frequently find myself stomping around because I can't find my car keys or I feel no one is listening to me.  I wonder where my son gets it from?  Minor daily frustrations, but, alas, I sometimes let them get the best of me.  My son's decision to not "use his words" may result in a time out (if I get to 3, or sometimes 3 1/2, I confess).  This allows him to sit and think about his behavior until he calms down.  Me?  When I get frustrated and I need to process my thoughts and deal with my day, I just blog!  That is why I am here, USING MY WORDS, instead of having a tantrum.  My time out, if you will. 

About Me

I am the wife of a man I am still madly in love with after 15+ years of being together.  Oh, we have our ups and downs, but I can honestly say I feel like we're both in it for the long haul and are having a great time along the way.  I know - you probably think I'm jinxing it by writing it down and sharing it with everyone.

My hubby and me.  He is everything I would like to be, but am not.

This is where the journey began.
And, this is perfection.  God is so good.

I am the mother of a five year-old boy named Ryan, who truly is a miracle from God and, in contrast, sometimes seems like he may sprout horns from his head.  Depends on the day, really.  Wouldn't trade him for the world. 

My Handsome Boy

My support system is comprised of my Hubby, my sister (Darcy), great friends and the Grace of God.  I truly don't know what I would do without any of them, most especially that Grace part.  I feel blessed to have the privilege of all of them in my life. 

Before becoming a Mommy, I worked in the corporate world as an accountant and didn't have to squeeze in my grocery shopping and hair appointments in the three hour window of time that my son is in preschool.  Okay, life was completely different before I became a Mom.  But, you get the gist.  If you're reading this, chances are, you can relate.

I love writing.  Started out as a journalism major in college and wrote for a local newspaper, but practicality led me to accounting.  So, this blog fills several needs of mine.  I get to write, process my feelings and thoughts, and hopefully connect with a diverse group of women that will help me feel sane.  Click here, to see what else I hope this blog will accomplish.

Here, I will tell you my obligatory likes and dislikes.  Seems all the cool bloggers are doing it.  I like (love, really) pork products, senseless reality television and carpet picnics with my two favorite guys.  I dislike toast jinglies in my butter (you know - the toast remnants left behind - ewwww), low-fat mayo, fruit hidden in my baked goods and people who habitually fail to RSVP. It's really not that hard nowadays - you don't even have to speak to the person - so many options - email, text, send a note, leave a voicemail. Come on now, it's just common courtesy!

Feel free to Use Your Words and let me know what you think.  I enjoy nothing more than entertaining different points of view, as long as they're expressed respectfully!

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