Friday, May 13, 2011

Are you one of THOSE Moms?

Please say, “NO!!”  Or, if you are, just stop it!

I know I’m not alone – we’ve all encountered THIS Mom…

Let’s set the scene:

A group of moms (all stay-at-home moms to small children) are sitting around talking about how much we need time AWAY from our children.  Love the Moms’ Nights Out.  Have to have the time to ourselves, for our sanity.  And, as usual, some of us expressed that we needed it more than others that day because we had hit a wall after a week of whining, tantrums and just plain old testing of the boundaries that our little ones like to do. All the time. Every day.  Every waking hour.  Not to mention the sleepless nights. And, of course, some days are worse than others.

Up walks Ms. Susie Perfect Pants (we all know one) who feels she needs to say this:

I just don’t understand Moms who say that.  I always enjoy being around my children.  I don’t ever feel like I want to get away from them.

Bless her heart.  She's a fictional character, people!

Really? Luckily, she didn’t say it for everyone to hear.  Especially for those moms who had expressed heightened frustration with their little ones that day. 

So, here are my questions for Ms. Susie Perfect Pants:

  1.  Are you for real?  I don’t think so.  I don’t like to call anyone a liar, but, are you a liar?
  2.  Even if your shock and awe were genuine, in the face of such horrible behavior by us moms, what do you hope to accomplish by your statement?  Are you hoping that everyone will think you’re the best Mom ever?  That we’re the worst Moms ever? 
  3.  Do you think anyone would love/like you less if you actually shared your frustrations or dilemmas concerning motherhood with us?   Because, the exact opposite is true.

If I didn’t know better, I may have felt badly about my mothering after that statement.  Because, hell’s bells, I do actually feel, from time to time, that I either need to have a Mom’s Night Out, or even that I’ve got to lock myself in a closet (gasp!), away from my child, to get away from it all.

And, that’s okay.  Because I’m human.  And, you know what, Miss Susie Perfect Pants? It’s okay if you open up and let others know that you aren’t, indeed, perfect.  It won’t make anyone think badly of you.  It will make everyone love you that much more.  Because, you may be shocked to hear this, but…

We already know you’re not perfect!   


Anonymous said...

Wow Brynn! You nailed me! Let's cancel our birthday celebration :)

Darcy said...

Oh, you overheard my comment? I didn't mean for you, when's Boston (the couples trip AWAY from the children)?

Michelle Davenport said...

I second Darcy!

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