Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Well, Little Guy turned five last month.  And, we had a great party for him.  Five is a big deal.  We kept the guest list small, so we could go all out!  Little Guy's Birthday always marks the beginning of Spring and great weather.  So, we always like to have outdoor parties in our backyard.  Makes it easier for little boys to get their energy out.  No inside voices required!

Little Guy's current obsession (for a while now, really) is Legos.  I had the idea to make it a Lego Racers party.  There were six kids, including Little Guy.  So, I did something special for all of his buddies at his party.  I scoured the internet for Lego invitations and the like, but they were very specific to Star Wars themes and such.  I specifically wanted to do a Lego Racers party.  So, I had to make my own invitations, to fit the theme.  The boys could build their own vehicles and race them.  It was a hit. 

Big kudos go out to Hubby for this party.  He handmade a raceway for the boys' Lego Racers.  Turned out great.  We work well together.  I have the vision, and he makes it happen!
Here are the highlights of the party:


I copied and pasted the Lego Racers logo from the product website and cropped it until it was usable for the invitations.  Then, I incorporated a racing flag theme, as well, throughout the day.
(Kindly excuse the "grayed out" personal info in this post - I'm not a pro - yet!)

I purchased the Lego Minifigure Lanyards at a Legoland Play Center in Schaumburg, Illinois.  Then, I created "Driver's Licenses" for each boy at the party.  Complete with their personal pictures, birth dates, and addresses.  Then, I cut each license (printed off my computer; I made my own template) and adhered it to red poster board.  Finally, I took each "license" to Staples and had them laminate them for me.  Hint:  I went to Staples beforehand and they gave me a laminate "card" to take home with me, so I was sure to make them the correct size.  They came complete with the needed slots to slide them into the lanyard clips. 

I purchased a Lego Racer for each boy there.  I made sure they each had a different one, to avoid confusion.  This portion of the party was done inside.  Easier for the boys to concentrate and less likely for pieces to be lost.  I also gave each child a paper plate to lay out their pieces on.  This way, they wouldn't get their pieces mixed up with anyone else's and they were easier to keep track of. 


This was the star of the show.  Hubby got all the materials from Lowe's and got to building.  Then, he also painted the details.  I got the letters for the "Finish" line and the numbers for the Starting Positions from Michael's.  They are stick-on vinyl letters/numbers.  Please note the detail.  Hubby cut a piece of Plexiglas and attached it to a large dowel rod.  Then, he made a lever to move the Plexiglas up and down.  This kept all the race cars in line, waiting for the word to "Go!" It was great that it was see through.  Hubby also made a stand (fully removable) for the ramp.  And, the actual raceway is hinged and folds up, right in the middle - makes storage easy.  The racing flags at the end were purchased from Oriental Trading.  I also had pennant banners and flags across the deck and the fence coming into the backyard.


What little boy doesn't love an excuse to whack a stick at something until it breaks?  This pinata was also purchased at Oriental Trading.


Easy!  Little Guy wanted an Ice Cream Cake from Friendly's.  That's exactly what he got!  Just dressed it up a tiny bit with a fancy #5 and tiny racing flag picks, also from Oriental Trading.


I got these bags at the Lego Store (free!).  They are really made to purchase individual bricks that are bought by weight.  I thought they were the perfect size for Treat Bags.  I included the following in each:  A Lego Minifigure packet (can be found in a lot of places);  A mini Lego Star Wars packet (found dirt cheap at Five Below) and a set of stickers that allow you to "design" your own cars (Oriental Trading).  The bags were big enough to hold the Lego Racers that they built and the lanyards, as well.


This is a backdrop that we ordered, again, from Oriental Trading.  It's life size.  Hubby attached it to a board to keep it steady and smooth.  We put a step ladder behind it so each of Little Guy's buddies could climb up, stick their heads through the hole and get their pictures taken.  I then took each picture, loaded them into Picasa and added the text, personalized with each boy's name.  I also outlined each picture in red, to make it look more finished.  Then, I enclosed a picture in each boy's thank you note.  I also made the Thank You notes myself, using the same template I made for the Invitations.  Did I mention it took me a month to get my thank you notes out?  Oops!

The boys all seemed to truly enjoy themselves.  Little Guy and his friends still talk about the party.  And, because we kept the invite list so small, we were really able to do a lot more for each child.  We spent about $15 per child, which is a lot for us.  But, typically, we would have had 15-20 kids, at about $5 per child, so it really worked out to be affordable for us, in the end.  And, with boys, smaller numbers are definitely easier to handle.


Tracey said...

And let me say it was the most awesome birthday party ever for our honored guest!! Thank you again for including Van. He was SO excited to get the thank you and relive the fun party memories all over again!!

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